Choose a Gift


£7 can help church groups bring about lasting change

Motivated by stories from the Bible, groups led by Mothers’ Union facilitators channel their inspiration into practical action. Using their own skills and resources they tackle issues around poverty right at the local level – benefiting their whole community.


£15 can equip marginalised women with a voice for justice

Your gift helps us resource, train and support members as they speak out on issues ranging from gender-based violence, early marriage, commercialisation and sexualisation of children to the awareness of women’s right to vote. 


£20 can help to bring a new life safely into the world

Your gift brings health and well-being to new mums. In isolated communities where there is no maternity care, Mothers’ Union trains local members in midwifery skills, enabling them to offer pre and post natal care and ensure mums who need expert help reach hospital in good time. 



£22 could help provide emergency food such as 25kg of rice to people who have been affected by disaster.

Mothers’ Union offers emergency support to families who have been affected by natural or man-made disaster. Our members on the ground are able to identify those worst affected and provide them with life-saving provisions. 


£30 can buy a resource pack for Passionate about Parenting

Our parenting groups in 18 countries of the world provide a supportive network for parents and grandparents. Through the groups they develop their skills and build their confidence so that they can take on the most important job they will ever undertake. 



£50 will help provide education and financial know-how

Illiteracy – particularly female illiteracy – is a major problem in some emerging countries. Mothers’ Union’s Literacy & Financial Education Programme takes men and women from illiteracy to entrepreneur.